Princess Place Preserve

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Work without a play reduces our productivity and efficiency.For some, playing means going to a gym to work out while to others, playing means hiking, or visiting a memorable place to help you switch off from the daily pressures of life. The Princess Place Preserve is a renowned site that is based in Palm Coast, Florida. It provides a wonderful setting to switch off and enjoy nature.

Palm Coast is home to some great personalities such as Thomas Ginn who developed Ginn Racing, Ron DeSantis who is the former U.S. Congressman, and Eddie Money, who is the artist who sang Two Tickets to Paradise. This article will cover the details of Princess Place Preserve and some of the hiking activities that make it a great place to have fun in Florida. 

History of Princess Place Preserve

Undoubtedly, the preserve is one exceptional preserve among many other preserves situated in Flagler County. Henry Cutting bought the preserve in 1886. He later passed away and left the 1,500-acre park to his wife, Angela Mills. Angela Mills took the title of a princess and this lead to a change in the name of the park from Cherokee Grove to Princess Place.     

The preserve is an attractive site for enthusiasts who are fans of horse riding. In addition, the preserve has a significant number of trails that make you enjoy the view of nature as you ride along the trails. The owners of the Princess Place site conserved the historical features of the place, and the Flager County later bought it in 1993.

Activities at Princess Place

There are different fun activities at the preserve, which makes the site the right place for decluttering your mind after a week of hard work.

  1. The park has a well-designed kayak launch that allows you to explore and fish along Matanzas River. The river also provides an opportunity for you to enjoy boat riding with the ones you love. Some friendly local people rent their kayaks at affordable prices to spice up your boat riding experience.     
  2. Another fun activity that can make your weekend go down well is camping. The park has a group campsite and one equestrian campsite. People who live outside Flagler County pay $20 for family campsites and payments are usually made through the official website of the preserve.    
  3. Hiking is probably the most popular activity at the Preserve. The park has several hiking trails that can help you shed calories to keep fit. The longest trail in the park is Hominy Branch trail that is covered with canopies of oak trees and extends for a distance of 2.5 miles.     
  4. Besides offering long trails for hiking with family and friends, the preserve is also famous for horse riding and bicycle riding. As a result, the site can be an excellent option for engaging in bike riding competitions with your friends. As you peddle your bicycle, you will be enjoying the beautiful and serene environment of the park.    

Princess Place Park also has beautiful grounds for wedding photo-shoots and reception activities. The presence of dense oak trees and an elegant touch of nature makes the place the right choice for your memorable occasions/events. 

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