Dr. Roger Learned

Dr. Roger Learned is the owner of YourChiro and Ormond’s Family Chiropractic Center. He was raised in Glendale, Arizona and attended Arizona State University. Dr. Roger graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1997. He has owned multiple practices in Georgia and Arizona. He currently practices in Florida where he has been a resident for the past 9 years. Dr. Roger has over 20 years’ experience and estimates that he has adjusted well over 200,000 spines in his career so far.

He and his wife, Dr. Carol Learned have four children: Boston, Dayva, Maximilian and Chase, who is a practicing chiropractor in Minnesota. Dr. Roger’s mission is to give as many people as divinely possible an opportunity to enhance their health through chiropractic care without drugs or surgery. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys spending time with his family.

dr. kelvin bolar jr

Dr. Kelvin Bolar Jr.

Dr. Kelvin Bolar Jr was born and raised in the Great Lakes State of Michigan. He graduated from Central Michigan University prior to obtaining his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic here in Florida. 

During his free time, Kelvin enjoys spending time with his newborn son, working out, and playing with his two dogs Jada and Zane. Kelvin has also competed in physique and powerlifting competitions, as well as Tough Mudder and Savage Races.

Through his quest to be the best Chiropractor that he can be, Kelvin has attended numerous seminars in order to better hone his skills so that he can deliver a quality adjustment to each patient.