Schedule Your Massage

Do you have a busy schedule and need a quick massage? Feel free to take advantage of our affordable 15-minute massages with a qualified therapist before or after your adjustment. Sometimes getting a quick massage can help to loosen your muscles and allow for a better overall adjustment. Call our office to see if a massage therapist will be available when you come in next.

If we do not offer a massage therapist at the time, we do have water massage tables available for your enjoyment.

A massage can improve flexibility and mobility in muscles. Overall, massage and chiropractic care are better when paired together. In working together, inflammation and pressure on your nervous system and muscles is reduced. Many times you may hear one of our chiropractors recommend a massage before your adjustment. This is because after a massage, your muscles are more relaxed and can allow for greater movement of your joints during an adjustment. Typically you will also be less likely to resist the adjustment by tightening up. 

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