European Village

Touring Palm Coast, Florida? European Village Is Worth Visiting  Written by: fredmzii   Apart from the sandy beaches on the coast of Florida, there is a lot to enjoy in this place. If you are planning to tour the Palm Coast region, the European Village is an attraction you have to visit. Continue reading to find out why it is an excellent destination for trips, weekend getaways, and vacation. 

European Village is located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. The locale has a spectacular architecture with European piazzas that make it even more magnificent. It is a modern area with bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, markets, and entertainment centers. The experience What would an typical day in the Village look like? For example, you could start with roaming around the place, get into the shops and buy gifts, clothes, and jewelry. Get your loved one a souvenir from Coastal Mermaid, for instance. It could be a shell-framed mirror, clothing, or wall hangings. When you have been walking around the streets for a while, your stomach will signal you that you need a bite.

There are several restaurants offering delicious meals. After you are full, get out again, meet new people, make friends, and head out for drinks at the bar. Cuisine If you are craving for some spicy Indian food, do not worry. Go to 5th Element Indian Cuisine. It serves fresh, flavorful dishes and has a bar too. Rasmalai is one of the desserts you can eat here. It consists of cheese, milk, flour, and Pistachio syrup. La Piazza Cafe offers pasta, steak, and seafood, along with some nice wines. In Mezzaluna Pizzeria, you will find calzones, seafood, Greek salad pizza, and buffalo chicken. Are you looking for Mediterranean or Portuguese food? Lisbon at Night Restaurant and Bar is the place to be. It provides bacalhau and robalo grelhado, among other things on the menu. Drinks Set aside time to visit Moonrise Brewing Company that lets you taste various drinks. That is not all. The management arranges comedy shows and game nights to excite your evenings and nights. If you all you want is to relax and drink in a quiet environment, go to New Europa Lounge for cocktails. Do you love wine? Cork and Pint exists for wine sampling. There is an extensive range of the 80’s wines from across the globe to try. It also offers beer and boasts of having 19 taps and 200 beers types for its customers. That said European Village has many other bars to get beers and wines. 

Where to stay European Village is rich with accommodation options. If you do not like staying in hotels, there are B n Bs to suit your needs. They are spacious, cozy, clean, furnished, and well maintained to offer you a stress-free adventure.      You can also stay in a bed and breakfast or rent a villa, house, or loft. Purchase local produce at the farmers market and prepare a nice homemade meal. Some of the rentals have spectacular views of the beach, which are perfect for those lazy days when you do not feel like getting outdoors.

European Village in Palm Coast, Florida is what it sounds like. It gives you a feel of Europe with architecture and street designs of the continent. It has restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightlife of a kind. Enjoy site-seeing, shopping, mouthwatering dishes, fantastic views, and have a blast!

Another great place to visit in Palm Coast is Waterfront Park.

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